Friday, May 15, 2009

Rear Channel Amplifier - Marantz 2440

The Marantz 2440 is a 20 watt per channel, rear channel amplifier. Rear channel amplifiers (were) are used to supplement a standard receiver or amplifier, modifying the outputs to accept Quadraphonic sound. This particular 2440 came with the optional SQA1 Quad Decoder, which allowed it to decode the SQ matrix quadraphonic system.

Grandpa – What’s Quad?

You see, sonny, here – pull up a chair. Back in the day - decades before surround sound became the “normal” listening mode, people listened to something called two channel audio. I know, I know, you’ve heard stories from your friends about their grandparents having only one pair of speakers in their home, or perhaps you’ve even seen photos in your history book. . er, Kindle, showing what an old time Hi-Fi looked like. Well take it from me, I LIVED through that era and witnessed the rise and fall of more audio formats than you can shake a stiff cat at.

It was the summer of 1971, and your grandma and I had just gotten back from a cruise to the golden sands of Acapulco, Mexico. While we were gone, our neighbor, Roy, he’s dead now, Roy had gone out and bought himself something called a Quadraphonic 8-track. Strange-looking beast, but he assured me it would blow my mind. Whazzat? Yeah, they used that saying back then – hell! my generation INVENTED that saying, now, where was I, oh yes - I sat down, popped a can of Coors, and was absolutely blown away by what I heard. Ya see, Quadraphonic sound attempts to split standard, two-channel sound into four channels. . .hello? You awake? Yessir, if your grandma and I hadn’t conceived your mom on that cruise, I would have had enough money to buy myself one of those Quads by Christmas! Fact is, it took three more years of recycling Coors cans before I had enough money to buy my Marantz 2440, and I pulled double duty on drinking during that time to boot! Ahh those sweet, sweet sounds of The Who coming at my ears from all four corners of the living room. Too bad the record industry never got together with the folks who made the stereos and agreed on a standard format! Yup, the Quad wars remind me of the VHS and Beta wars of the mid-80s, but I’ll save that story for your next visit.

Have any photos or stories about your Marantz 2440? Please leave a comment or send an email, and I’ll share with our community.

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  1. Hi There, Could I use this unit as a simple amplifier for my '70s technics turntable? Just outputting to 2 speakers?

  2. Hi - This unit doesn't have a phono amplifier. Try to find a Marantz 2270 if you can. That's a two channel unit and has two phono inputs as well.



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