Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Power Amplifier - Nikko Alpha 220

Rescued this Nikko Alpha 220 power amplifier from a thrift store only to find it didn't work.

Protection light didn't come on, but my well-trained shnozz detected the faint but distinct odor of burning dust only moments into testing. Forty milliseconds later, a snap! followed by a mini mushroom cloud of white smoke errupted from the top near the aluminum heat sinks.

Determined to extract sound from this %#&*!!, I left it plugged in a moment longer. . .then silence - the type of deafening silence that only a dead amplifier can produce.

Neat looking though, ehe? Would have loved to see those funky VU meters dance to some Run DMC, Miami Sound Machine, or whatever the kids are listening to these days.

1 comment:

  1. I picked up a alpha 440 without the top and bottom covers. Where are yours? can you send me the measurements? Did you fix the amp? Do you wnat to fix this 440? the powersupply in this one was hit with liquid, amps look intact and of course no covers. Boris 514-852-3070, b_mospan@hotmail.com.



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