Friday, August 14, 2009

Power Amplifier - Bose 1801

This is a truly beautiful beast. Eighty-two pounds and 250 wpc of pure 1970-something power. So far it sounds great. Looks good too for its age. . .better than the photographer anyway. I swapped out the Adcom GFA535 on the bench for this and BOY did that little guy sound anemic compared to this amp! I know, I know - all my preaching about there being no real difference in amp sound, yadda yadda. Double blind me - I dare ya!

Maybe I just WANT this to sound so much better because lifting it onto the work bench caused my L7 vertibrae to fly out of my spine like a spastic skeet and careen off the shop light.

More reports on this as time goes on. I believe this one deserves to be fully reconditioned. Your thoughts?

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