Friday, September 4, 2009

Community Photos - Stacked JBL L100 Century Speakers community member, James in St. Paul, MN sent in this photo of four pairs of JBL L100 Century speakers stacked. James says he had a pair of JBL L88 speakers back in college and always wanted a pair of L100s. It took him about a year to collect four pairs in mint or near-mint condition - ranging in price from $600 to $1000 per pair.

How do they sound? ". . .I still enjoy them, I was thinking of getting new crossovers from Jantzen audio. I feel like I'm the only one who loves the sound," James says.

I think there's a law against stacking speakers that high in California - something to do with earthquake codes. In any case, nice job, James!

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  1. love your work man.
    I only have one pair which i am in love with.they are hard to come by in Australia now. I have stacked them with a pair or Jenson 5`s which worked quite well but the Jensons aren`t as efficient & the bass response isn`t as good. but the driver layout is almost the same,except 2 midranges on the Jenson. i have toyed with taking one mid out & putting in a reflex port. driver layout would then be the same& hopefully, better bass & more Efficient. Don`t know if it is that simple though.
    Instead of putting your bass drivers together, try reversing and putting the tweeters together, it will give you a better focus & put the mids & tweeters closer to ear level.
    you are not the only one who loves the sound of them, obviously i do, but the price of them second hand tells you they are in high demand. I bought a pair new, from the distributor in Australia in 1975 when i was in the HiFi industry & they were $800ish then,wholesale, nearly 40 years ago.they retailled for about$1500 in Aus.I am toying with selling them, but i don`t think I could part with them. The pair i have, were traded in at a store where I worked for $40Aust.



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