Saturday, October 24, 2009

Goodbye BOSE 1801

After three months or so of LOVING the idea of having a rare, vintage BOSE 1801 amplifier, I decided to sell it. Two weeks ago I took it to Brooks Berdan, LTD in Monrovia, CA and had them test it, replace a binding post, check to make sure all the diodes had been replaced by the previous owner. It tested fine - 260 wpc at .08% THD - well within the distortion spec and outside the wattage rating of 250 wpc. I was very pleased.

After running it last weekend, though, I was disappointed to find it didn't like the warm environment of the loft nor the confined space I had it in. The protection circuit kicked in after about six hours at moderate volume. Not bad, considering , but I knew I'd be worried about running it up there for any amount of time. So, not wanting to simply shelve the unit for any number of years until I can accommodate a better operating environment, I decided to let someone else enjoy it.

Ever experience a bittersweet moment of separation with any of your gear? Tell us about it. Misery, after all, loves company :)

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