Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuners - McIntosh MR78

This newly-acquired McIntosh MR78 is the quietest, most accurate, best-sounding tuner I've ever owned. Think: CD-quiet, and you're close. I was listening to it this morning while taking these photos (man, McIntosh gear is hard to photograph well!), and there came a break in between songs before the DJ woke up to talk and I thought I'd kicked the plug out - total silence on FM! Blew me away.

Everything about this tuner speaks of quality construction and first-rate workmanship. The confident, smooth click of the metal knobs, the smoothness of the tuning dial knob - the list could go on, but you know - it's McIntosh. It would be shocking if these qualities weren't there!

Look at my other tuner reviews and you'll find mostly luke-warm reactions. My advice: If you're looking for a tuner under a grand - buy an MR78. Who knows, if you haven't started a McIntosh collection already, this may be a great place to start!

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