Saturday, November 7, 2009

Speakers - Yamaha NS-225

Here was another classic impulse buy from a yard sale. I had no room for these Yamaha NS-225 loudspeakers, nor did I have a particular need for them, but at the $7 asking price, there was no way I was going to walk off the lawn without them.

On first listen, they sounded quite good, especially at low volume. The tweeter looks identical to the one used on the higher-end NS-series from the late 1970s through the 1980s, and I assume it is the same model. The woofer, although paper-coned and somewhat flimsy-looking, held up well to the Pink Floyd I pumped through them over the weekend.

By the way, a quick Orion Blue Book lookup tells me these sold for $350 in 1978 and 1979, and the current used retail is $46 - $58. That's a respectable resale for 30-year-old Yamaha two-way speakers. These might be keepers. . .but it's all about the sound, not the monetary value, right?

They capably handled everything I threw at them and kept their smoothness through most musical passages. There was a distinct ringing in some high-frequency passages, but, after listening to them at high levels throughout most of the afternoon, I ascertained that the ringing was coming from inside my head, not the tweeters.

These Yamaha NS-225's were in very good physical shape for their age (let's leave the personal comments about my own physical shape for another time, shall we?) and sounded every bit as good as I'd hoped.

Have any experience with Yamaha NS-series speakers? Chime in by sending me an email or leaving a comment on this post.

What's it worth?
Good: $75/pair
Fair: $45/pair
As in photo: $45/pair


  1. I'm an original owner of a pair. Bought just before I went to college. They survived a lot of Van Halen, Boss, Stones, and the odd disco parties. (we all go thru phases). Used to run them grill-less for a cool look. Driven from a SAE 2100 for plenty of headroom.

    I found them to have tight bass and somewhat crystalline highs from the tweeter. I now run a set of JBL 4311's (White cone fetish?) and Control 5's.

  2. I have a set of these, They are good speakers, and they don't turn up on the used market very much at all, I'm going to try to get $250 obo on eBay I will put them up 1/17/10 and see what happens

  3. I have a pair ,i am running them with sansui vintage receiver,they are amazing,my 5000 dollars system in my living room is not better

  4. hi, i own a pair of em, i had also a pair of yamahas ns 1000 x....and i can tell for sure these little ones sounded smarter, sweeter...just add a tube amp and

  5. Yamaha NS-10's have been the staple diet of reference in recording studios for about thirty years ... there's hardly a studio without at least four pairs of them ...

  6. I picked up a pair of these in good condition from a friend, who found the at a garage sale. To my novice ears they sound almost as good as my Polk Audio Monitor 50's. They are both hooked up to the Marantz 2238B my mother bought new in 1978 that I inherited. I have yet to crank the volume all the way up, at 2/3 vol. I couldn't hear myself think anymore.

  7. Did not have this model but had the Ns 500, which i believe are even harder to find. Yea sweet speakers, the Ns 1000 was qyite the deal, remember auditioning them back years ago, but out of my budget at.the time. Should have sold the Elcaset at that time to afford the 1000's. Lol

  8. When I went into an audio store with a speaker budget of $500 in 1979, the sales guy told me he had a new speaker I had to hear... so he took me into the room where the Yamaha NS-225 was ready to rock. I was more in the market for a 3-way speaker, so when he told me they were 2-ways, I thought I would go ahead and take a listen anyway. I was blown away! But,I thought they gotta be expensive, and when he told me $400 for the pair, I didn't hesitate to buy them. When I got them home and hooked them up, they sounded just as good as in the store -- then I took the grills off, and they were beautiful underneath... Currently I have Klipsch towers in the front, and JBLs the rest of the way around, but I still miss my NS-225s, which I lost due to divorce in 1989.

  9. very very nice and good speaker

  10. I bought my NS 225s in 1979 in the first year of college. The guy across the dorm room had a pair and every day coming home from the class I'd hear the sound of those speakers and be amazed. Finally decided I had to get a pair. Had no car at the time so I told the sales guy I'm here to buy a stereo and the only way I'll buy one is if you bring it to my room. I bought a pair of NS 225s and a CA 410 II. I'm sitting here listening to Shine on You Crazy Diamond 40 years later and still enjoy the sound. These will go in the grave with me! Each speaker on either side of my head.



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