Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mystery Speaker Challenge

The "Weird Speaker of the Month Award" goes to: Yamaha N8-15 Speaker. Could be a Japanese-only model. Hard to get the scale by the photos, but these are approximately 22" high by 6" deep by 14" wide.

Chime in if you've ever seen one of these.

How does it sound? Bass unit Mylar was loose on both speakers and produced very little bass. Tweeter sounded okay.


  1. Similar to this?

  2. It was called the "Ear", I believe I saw it on the vintage knob. I've never seen them in person.
    Trippy speakers, supposedly sound nice!!

  3. Those trapezoid-ish woofer things Yamaha did showed up in the Fender BANTAM BASS amplifier. This was a low watt tube bass amp that was aimed at students and for practice not involving a drum kit or guitar amp, as it was anemicly underpowered. That did not last too long - maybe a year or two - when Fender dropped the Yamaha speaker in favor of a conventional US made speaker. I believe this was around 1971.



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