Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stack 'em Deep and Sell 'em Cheap!

Although a convenient way to purchase and assemble a home stereo, the matched "stacks" of gear usually were sub-par in sound quality. Radio Shack may have been the first to package their components as suggested sets, but when the 80s hit and consumer, mass-market audio diverged from the audiophile market, most big players realized their demographic didn't get a buzz from piecing together the "perfect" sound system. Thus the "Stack 'em deep and sell 'em cheap" mantra was born.

Ever try tapping on the cabinet of one of the speakers that came bundled with these? Sounds like a toy drum

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  1. I had some big Technics floor standers, they were made of 10mm chipboard, no bracing or dampening, if you played them loud; you could pretty much see them flex. Cheap crap.



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