Thursday, April 1, 2010

Community Photos - 1970s Advent Stereo System

I love it when people email in photos of their gear and systems. Gary sent in the following info on his Advent gear. Thanks for the photo and information, Gary!

Just ran into your site and thought you might like to add a photo of a couple of my restored (pre-1980) systems. I concentrate on systems as opposed to components and focus on the affordable not the super high end. I purchased the components in these two systems from various sources found on eBay and Craig's list. The intent was to put together vintage systems with equipment you could purchase new in or around about the 1970s. I also wanted to match the components such that they made up a system that was representative of the period. Single components are cool but really - they need to be in a system or they are like really nice wheels sitting on the garage floor.

The first system is an Advent based setup. This includes a completely restored Advent 300 receiver. An underestimated little box that has both a cheap and expensive feel at the same time. Cheap when you flip a switch and expensive when you dial-in the FM station. The only option was to match the receiver to some Advent speaker and I got lucky and found a local guy that had a pair he bought new long ago. These are the Advent Newer speakers and they have had the Woofs refoamed and crossover recaped. They sound as good as they look.

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