Sunday, April 4, 2010

Community Photos - Dynaco System community member, Gary sent in this photo of his Dynaco system. Thanks Gary!

Here's the system description in Gary's own words:

My second system is dynaco. It starts with the Speakers. These are classic A-25s and they required quite a bit of work to get the cabinets looking good. There was some damage to the corners, as you might expect, but the drivers were in good shape so most of the work was cabinet repair, new grill cloth and locating replica logo plates for the front. They are a 10" two way design with a single cap in the crossover. They have more punch and solid bottom end than one would expect from their size - very easy on the ears.

The Amp is a dynaco ST-120 solid state 60Wpc that has been fully reconditioned. That is matched with a reconditioned PAT-4 preamp and an FM-5 tuner. The tuner still needs a little work to stabilize the tuning but other than that everything sounds great.

1 comment:

  1. That is a sweet Dynaco system. I have a pair of A-25xl's hooked up to a Sansui AU/AT 717, but it is calling to be completed w/ all Dynaco.

    Incidentally, my A25s have the tweeter on the right side. I did not know they made a L&R speaker. Are your A25s mirror images? If so the tweeter should be on the inside of the listening space.




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