Thursday, April 8, 2010

Speakers - Technics SB-X50

Had this pair of Technics SB-X50 speakers for only about one week. Sometimes I like to purchase speakers just to give them a fair shake - especially speakers for which I hold hope for sounding decent. The SB-X50 retailed for $499.00 in 1979 and had mixed reviews, but boy do they look cool.

How did they sound? Just okay. Bass was somewhat weak,and this could be due to the age of the driver or crossover components, or simply following suit for most Japanese speakers I've heard. I listened to some George Winston piano pieces and these sounded fine, if not a bit too forward in the upper register. Jazz and Rock sounded alright, but the speakers had a compressed, boxy tonality to them that was distracting. When I closed my eyes I heard music coming from boxes, not floating in front of me.

Have any experiences with Technics SB-X50 speakers? Chime in!


  1. the speaker shown above is actually of the technics brand.

  2. I have a chance to buy them for $ 30, are they worth it?



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