Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turntable - Dual 1237

Judging turntable sound can be tricky. There are many variables within the turntable itself as well as up the audio stream to factor in. With this Dual 1237, I found the sound with the included cartridge and stylus to be weak, anemic. There was an audible rumble as well that I couldn't isolate. I'm certain that, in its day, this TT was a strong performer. As a thrift store purchase, without any history of use or abuse, it was worth the $25, but not what I'd consider a legacy piece - something I'd keep and pass down to my kids. 

Have any experience with Dual turntables or the 1237, in particular? Leave a comment or send in photos. Be sure to post some of your gear photos on the HiFiCollector Facebook page too - thanks.

1 comment:

  1. I have owned one of these since the 1970's - still have it. Love it because the sound is great and it is a changer - handles about 4 records at a time. It is the only record player I know of that won't skip on a vinyl recording of The 1812 Overture with live canons. Beat out a friend's HI FI audiophile turntable (1 record at a time) which did skip on the 1812's cannons! An 80 year old codger.



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