Saturday, January 1, 2011

Integrated Amplifier and Tuner - Akai AM-2650 and AT-2450

I love silver-faced stereo components. There...I admitted it. Yes, even Akai made some nice gear at one point. This set wasn't only beautifully-designed, but sounded great. Check out that recessed ring around the volume knob - nice detail! Had it for a few months, then traded for some speakers. Still regret that decision. I want to say it's 80 watts per channel, but feel free to chime in and correct me. 

The tuner sensitivity was just okay - not great, but I didn't hook a scope up to it, so it could have been the weather. 

Have any experiences with Akai AM 2650 or AT 2450 or that brand of gear, in general? Send in your stories by posting a comment, visiting the HiFiCollector Facebook page, or shooting me an email at hificollector88 [at]   Thanks!

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  1. Hi, the AM-2450 amp is 45 WPC, 20Hz-20kHz, .1% THD at 8 Ohms.

    I just picked one up at a yard sale, It looks good and sonically it works fine- all inputs and outputs work properly and it sounds great, but needs some TLC (bad left VU meter, meter light is blown, bent bass pot shaft).. Bit of a project, I guess!



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