Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sony 55ES, E2000ESD, 730ES, C8ESD - Loft System #2

Picked up this Sony ES system several months back and it's really starting to grow on me. It consists of the Sony 55ES Power Amplifier, 730ES Tuner, C8ESD CD changer, and E2000ESD Preamplifier. All units are from the early 1990's, and are solidly-built - typical of the quality of all Sony's elevated line of ES (Elite) components.

The E2000ESD has some pretty funky EQ controls that I've yet to fully understand. Lots of presets, but setting the EQ manually is tedious, at best. Still, I find for the loft environment, the DISCO setting seems to work pretty well. Sound quality is excellent, and, as with the other two components, the rosewood side panels add that gentile, old-world elegance vintage gear lovers appreciate. BTW, found one for sale HERE. I'm not responsible for this sales listing, quality or merchandise, etc. etc. Just stumbled upon it :)

The 730ES tuner is exceptional! I wasn't expecting a "digital" tuner from the 1980s to be so well designed or sound so good. The tuning flywheel is smooth and has that confident heft of well-built vintage tuners. Even though I live in the greater LA metropolitan area, radio reception near me isn't great. This tuner brings in stations every bit as good as the McIntosh 4200 receiver you see sandwiched between it and the preamp in the full system photo above. 

The Sony 55ES power amp is no monster, by any means, but have seen specs that rate it at 110 wpc at 8 ohms, which isn't bad at all. The sound is perfectly adequate. Haven't A/B'd it with any other amps, and you know by know my take on amplifier sound... Any amplifier with high input impedance, low output impedance, flat frequency response, low distortion, and low noise sounds the same. After all that's all the human ear can hear. 

The CD player in the system is the Sony C8ESD. Just had the drive belt replaced on that unit and it sound terrific. 

Have any experience with Sony ES components? Chime in!


  1. Off topic, but: I was walking home Thursday, and I found a Soundcraftsmɘn DX4OOO preamp that someone had put out with the garbage. I hooked it up today, and it works perfectly. Sounds wonderful, too. Hard to believe.

  2. Kurt - SCORE!!! Dumpster finds rule! Enjoy :)

  3. I have Sony XO-D5 with Sony APM speakers and a Sony PS-LX60 Turntable. I searched the internet for the model XO-D5 and i got nothing...
    i still got its original stickers as it worth uploading its pics??

  4. Just picked up a used Sony 55ES today for 35 euro's.
    Always wanted a DAT recorden but could never afford it.
    It's in perfect working order.
    Just have to buy a couple of (used) tapes.

  5. I think Sony must have made two 55ES units. I don't have the DAT, but wish I did. Thanks for chiming in.

  6. "......has some pretty funky EQ controls that I've yet to fully understand....."

    I'm a Hi Fi enthusiast too, I know how to operate a unit without a manual but I also had that "funky EQ" thing with my Technics SC-CH 900 system.

  7. the Sony ES components was my first hifi system. The CDP-X779ES was one of the best CD-player in the nineties and with Swoboda modification he reached the top rank in many hifi magazines.



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