Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rega RP-1 Turntable - Seeking advice

Need some advice from the HiFiCollector community. 

I'm thinking of selling my Denon DP 1200 turntable and getting a new Rega RP-1. The Denon  has served me very well, but the Rega will outlast the Denon in the long-run and probably outperform it in the short-run.

Your thoughts?

Here's a link to the Rega for a good price (no affiliation to vendor).



  1. I'm bothered by the fact that Rega doesn't publish wow & flutter specs for their turntables, especially as W&F was an issue with the previous model. It also bothers me that they sell a $59 "upgraded drive belt" for the RP1 that they say "offers greater speed stability."

    Personally, I'd buy something vintage, but I'm a cheapskate. The Rega arm is supposed to be wonderful, and you could always install one on a vintage unit.

    A review you may have read:

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  3. Kurt - Thanks for that interesting insight. I hadn't considered the W&F specs, and the fact that they offer an upgraded belt makes me suspicious. I'm trying to get back into vinyl, and am looking for a TT that will fit a particular space. The Denon is great, but 1" too big for the rack I want to put it in. If only all my problems were so small :) Thanks again.



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