Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's Get More Dudes on Pinterest!

I want to start using Pinterest to post cool pics of audio gear. Who's with me? 

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media site, and a terrific place to post, or "pin" photos for easy viewing and for linking similar interests, but it's audience is predominately female. 

Hey - nothing at ALL wrong with that - but how many girls do you know that are into vintage audio gear? My point, exactly.

Let's hop onto Pinterest and load it up with cool pics of speakers, amps, and glowing tubes!

Pinterest is still invite-only (as of 2/3/12), so shoot me an email if you want an invite - hificollector [at]

Find HiFi Collector on Pinterest -


  1. I'd be interested if I can figure our how to use it. I would probably pin gear I've owned and write a note about each one.

    1. Hi Kurt - I'm posting a video Quick Tip Tutorial on Pinterest tomorrow morning, so look for that. Thanks for chiming in!


    2. That is to say, I'm posting a video Quick Tip Tutorial on "How to use Pinterest" tomorrow morning, not posting it ON Pinterest. Need more coffee. :)



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