Monday, March 26, 2012

KEF 105.2 Woofers - Update

Dozens of people visit each week for info on KEF 105.2 speakers. I received this comment today that I wanted to share, as it contains good info, directly from KEF on woofer replacement.

In addition to the info below, be sure to check out my post on KEF woofer replacement HERE.

Thanks Speakerboy for this valuable info!


i emailed KEF USA regarding replacement and her is their response:

I'm sorry to inform you but replacement woofers for the 105.2 are no longer available. The original woofers can be Recone (rebuilt) as long as the baskets are in good condition. The cost for this service would be $210 per woofer plus shipping. If you are interested in having the woofers serviced I would need to issue an RA# but in order to do so I would need your complete address as well as a good contact number.

do you guys think it is worth it?


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