Sunday, April 3, 2011

Power Amplifier - McIntosh MC2105

Ever since I bought my MC2050, I've wanted an MC2105. Yesterday was my lucky day. A gentleman in Torrance, CA was selling one on CraigsList for a good price, and this meant local pick-up, which is what I was waiting for. 

This is a beautifully-designed amplifier. Functionally, it's nearly the same as the MC2100, but where the 2100 is the "industrial" model - just the chassis and cage designed to hold the components and I/Os, the 2105 is what many people imagine when they think of a McIntosh power amplifier. Blue-green VU meters, simple yet elegant knobs and transparent lettering allowing the light to shine through the front panel glass.... ahhhh. Sorry - geeking out for a moment.

This particular unit sounds terrific as well. The left channel VU seems to be a little more sensitive than the right - not sure which one is correct, but I can get these calibrated if and when I decide to do so. A couple small scratches on the chrome, a little bubbling around the headphone jack, small abrasions on the cabinet - all very well-within my acceptance criteria. This one is a late serial number model, manufactured in 1976. It also came with all the provenance - the owners manual, service guide, brochure, and original McIntosh warranty card. Very cool. Yes, I'm pleased with myself. Please allow me to gloat.  Okay - done.

High-Res Photos HERE.

Have any experiences with a McIntosh MC2105 you'd like to share? Any photos? Please send 'em on in.


  1. I has also McIntosh PA MC2105,and I am from Asia,Indonesia.They still good.

  2. I have a mcintosh mc 2105 in my vintage recording studio and can't say one bad thing about it. It is a gorgeous piece and will keep up with the rest of my power amps well. Sound quality is also terrific.



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